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International School of Astro-Particle Physics
European Doctorate School 


Registrations are extended untill June 15th 2016



Third Announcement


Physics and Astrophysics

of Cosmic Rays in Space 

University of Milano Bicocca - Milano (Italy)

12-20 September 2016

Department of Physics,

Building U2 – Piazza della Scienza, 3 - 20126

The school is devoted to the discussion of Cosmic Ray physics in the energy range from a fraction of GeV to more than one TeV.

The new experimental results will be compared with the models of production and propagation inside the galaxy and the solar system, including  the near-earth space.

After AMS-02 on board of the International Space Station, Fermi and Pamela satellites, Cosmic Rays observations become precise at a level which requires a refinement, or a step forward,   of  the existing models. These results will be discussed in view of the  impact on fundamental physics, astrophysics and cosmology.


Sponsorizing Institutions:



Local Organizing Committee:

Massimo Gervasi, University of Milano Bicocca and INFN (Italy)

Giuseppe Gorini, University of Milano Bicocca  (Italy)

Mario Zannoni, University of Milano Bicocca and INFN (Italy)


Scientific Advisory Committee: 

Nicolao Fornengo, University of Torino (Italy)

Massimo Gervasi, University of Milano Bicocca and INFN (Italy)

Aldo Ianni, Canfranc Laboratory (Spain) and LNGS (Italy)

Paolo Lipari, University La Sapienza, Roma (Italy)

Igor Moskalenko, Stanford University (USA)

Marius Potgieter, North-West University (South Africa)

Pier-Giorgio Rancoita, INFN and ASI (Italy)